Used Tanning Beds

See below our list of used tanning beds for sale in inventory.

UWE Tropical 32

UWE Tropical 32, transformer and timer included was $4900, now on for $3900Make Offer!!

UWE Tropical 41

UWE-TropicalUWE Tropical 41, transformer and timer included was $4700 now on for $3600Make Offer!!


SundomeSundome 10 min stand up’s 48 x 160w lamps, transformer and timer included was $6500 now on for $5500 each

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Sundash 240 G

Sundash450G 15 min bed, 20 – 170w lamps in the canopy , 20 – 120w lamps in the bench, body fan with overhead controls. T Max Timer included $6100
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UWE Lotus Bed

Very few hours on it well under 100 hrs of use!
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Ergoline 600 Evolution

Fully loaded with a/c, misters and vibra sound this bed is now on for $12,500

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Stand up, 52 x 180w lamps, 9 min session

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Mystic Tan 3000

Spray tanning booth, comes with compressor and T Max timer $6000
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Soltron Champ

38 x 120w lamps
3  x 400w facials
Price: $8900
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(2) available. Over 20,200 watts of power!
24 x 800W high pressure lamps
1 x 1000W high pressure adjustable facial 12 min session Price: $16,800 each
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Sunstar 332

20 min bed, comes with buck booster and T Max timer.

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Sundash 252

Sundash 252 Stand up 52 x 200w lamps 12 min session, timer included. Brand new JK Light 200w lamps.  Was $9100 now on for $8100
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Sunscape 756

8 min 200 w stand up, premium 200 watt lamps  $10,500

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Solaris 442

15 min beds, 42 x 100w lamps 3 x 400w face tanners. Buck booster, new lamps and T Max timer included $5900
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Ergoline 600 Classic

50 x 160 watt lamps | 4 x 500 watt facials | 12 min. tan ime

Price:  $10,200
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Suncapsule Super Cyclone

(2 available) Suncapsule Super Cyclone 220w lamps 8 min session! Very powerful unit! This unit comes with a built in dressing room so it can be placed virtually anywhere in your salon! Price:
$6500 each
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Ergoline Excellence 800

51 x 160w
4 x 520w VIT facials
Shoulder and neck tanners
Price: $15,600

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Ergoline 650

33        170w low-pressure lamps
12        500w high-pressure lamps with VIT glass
15 min max session
Price: $13,800
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Hydration Station

Provides the skin with warm, soothing moisture
Excellent pre-tan service
No extra plumbing required
Self service operation
Available soon, email us for details
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Mystic Tan Spray Booth

2008 (put into service in 2009) MyMyst spray tanning booth.  Very little use, great shape!

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Velocity HP 1000

  • 18 x 1000 watt tanning lamps
  • 2 x 250 watt shoulder tanning lamps
  • 15 min max session time
  • Comes with new lamps and 6 month warranty

Price: $16,700
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Matrix L33 High Pressure tanning Bed

This bed has been cleaned and tested by techs

New lamps, 6 month warranty
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Versa Spa Spray Tan booth w/ heater and voice upgrades, cleaned and tested by techs
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Matrix v28vibra
Matrix V28 High Pressure Stand Up Tanning Booth
This Matrix has brand new lamps. This unit has been cleaned and tested by techs. Comes with 6 months warranty
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Mystic Tan MyMyst Spray Tanning Booth
Clean unit with low usage, tested by techs
Comes with 6 months warranty
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Suncapsule X7, brand new lamps, cleaned and tested by techs.
Unit comes with w/ 6 month warranty.
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soltron-champSoltron Wave 12 min Tanning Bed, comes with aromatherapy and A/C
Brand new lamps included, this bed has been cleaned and tested by techs
Price: $14,600